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Coaching Services

We help service providers significantly boost their job-ready results for their clients with employment barriers.  How? Based on our track record more clients with employment barriers have gained employment the first time using our 7 Step Do SUMthing Career Success System based on Tiffany’s book.


Keynote Speaking

Tiffany enthusiastically inspires and entertains audiences to Do SUMthing! Her keynote speeches will increase your audience awareness and make them thirst for more. The content is invaluable employment information that is insightful and filled with clarity. Tiffany’s keynote and conference speaking topics can be customized for any audience and have proven to be highly popular and inspirational.



We engage clients with employment barriers to embrace being the career change-agent. Our 7-Step “Do SUMthing” Career Success System invokes creative solutions to obtain and sustain employment in a high energy, organized and comfortable environment. The information provides life-changing, easy to apply and a common-sense approach that will leave you ready to get the job.


Experience the Career Coach

Do you know most people want to move forward with their life, but don’t! For some reason, when we want to accomplish something that is growth-centered to increase our quality of self we put it off. Today is your turn to schedule time for you and only you. You deserve the best for your life. Start today by completing the form to begin your FREE 30 minute coaching assessment.

Book - Need a Job? Then do SUMthing!

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Need a Job? Then, Do SUMthing!

Are you seeking a career? Do you need the skills and techniques to find the right job for you with the right company? Career Success Coach Tiffany Reynolds now offers her skills, experience and technique training in one must-have book for any job seeker! Whether seeking the perfect employment match, or making a career change to follow your passion, Need a Job? Then, Do SUMthing! is for you.

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  •   Tiffany Reynolds is someone who can help you realize your strengths and help others to see them. I was downsized from my job of 4 years in early 2012. I searched for a new job for nearly a yearmoo … →

    Randy Cano, Professor :: University of Toledo

  • Tiffany conducted a workshop titled, “Need a Job? Then, Do SUMthing!” at the 13th annual Black Man’s Think Tank Conference on April 13, 2013. Her high energy and command presence were readily apparent. Moreover, she exuded thorough knowledge of themoo … →

    Marlon Aldridge, Professor :: Sinclair Community College

  • Tiffany is a dynamic leader. She understands the critical skills needed to help candidates obtain and sustain employment. She excels at preparing job seekers to overcome obstacles and acheive success not only at work but in life. If you aremoo … →

    Rodney Eason, Director :: Human Resources Business Partner at The Andersons, Inc.